Dummy Grafik


The S/P/A® MIG Narrow Gap System® SPAce is typi-
cally designed to fit the on torches such as the SB 401/500 or identical. It is designed for groove depths starting at 60mm up to 150mm. Special lengths and shapes as well as systems for all other brands or types of torches such as FRONIUS® are possible at any time. Due to the high thermal strength, thermal shock resistant and current in-
sulating protection cap made out of ceramic, narrow bevels can be welded without short arcs. The narrow gap nozzle with a depth of 12 mm is also provided with a spatter-resistant coating. All other items of SPAce system are provided with a current-insulating coating, or protected by an insulating tube. The easy to handle system ensures a fast conversion from the standard torch configuration into narrow-gap application within seconds.