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In the field of submerged arc welding S/P/A® provides special solutions. All SAW nozzles are made out of our high-thermal resistant copper alloy DHCA. On request and for applications – such as longitudinal welding of pipelines – our proven S/P/A® Coatings can also be applied. Complete SAW nozzle devices and wire straightening tools and wire feeder rolls for i.e. Lincoln Electric®*, ESAB®* and HAANE®* complete our program.

* S/P/A® is in no way affiliated with above named companies. The parts advertised for sale are no genuine parts, but may be parts made for and by S/P/A Welding Systems GmbH. References to above named companies and numbers are for your convenience only.


+ Thermal strength 850°C
+ Highly wear and tear resistant
+ All designs of SAW nozzles available
+ High electrical and thermal conductivity
+ Any bore diameter available

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