Solutions for Pipewelding Applications

Welding is the most important and versatile joining technique. In fields where highest quality demands are required, standard solutions in welding are not sufficient anymore.
Especially in the field of pipeline and narrow gap welding S/P/A® made customer oriented developments and solutions its business.
These solutions not only meet the highest quality demands but also prolong the service live of tools used, and guarantee efficient, safe utilization and therefore increased productivity.
Our predominantly international but also domestic customers in pipeline- , steel- , plant construction and automotive industry appreciate our speed, flexibility and creativity in the MIG and SAW welding application spectrum.
Here our unique coated current contact tips and gas nozzles achieve extraordinary good economic and ecologic results. This effect is increased further when using our high temperature strong copper alloy DHCA.
For welding hard to access areas our specially developed narrow gap welding system will ease your work.
When welding pipelines you benefit from our high quality guide rings (welding tracks) which we build for almost any existing automatic orbital welding system.
Furthermore we offer various complementary special products in the field of welding technology. The innovative potential of SPA Welding Systems is still growing. Combining unique design and materials with a lean structure ensures the best solution to today’s welding problems.